All Saints Blackbutt South — Faith Communities of Adamstown, Cardiff and Kotara

All Saints Blackbutt South

With the amalgamation of the parishes of St Philip’s Kotara and St Kevin’s Cardiff and more recently St Columba’s Adamstown, there was the need for the combined parish to have a new identity, name and logo.

In designing the new logo there was an attempt to include elements from the three existing logos so that parishioners with strong allegiances to the former parishes would feel that they still had a fair representation in the new version.

ADAMSTOWN The former parish of Adamstown had a logo which featured a dominant crucifix, decorated with celtic sybols, superimposed on two concentric circles. At the heart of the cross was a circle containing an image of a flying dove in profile.

CARDIFF In the logo that represented the former parish of Cardiff, a crucifix was also dominant, this one being superimposed on an orb, positioned beneath a dove in frontal flight, from which rays radiated downwards.

KOTARA The dominant theme in the logo of the former Kotara parish was a basket of five loaves and two fish, surmounted by a linear crucifix.

The colours used in the new logo were dictated by the particular saints. Since St Columba was Irish, the colour “green” was appropriate. Because St Kevin was a monk we associate him with the colour “brown“. St Philip, being an apostle, had to be represented by the colour “red“.

The framework of the new logo is a form of celtic cross, with a suggestion of the kind of intricate designs seen in medieval manuscripts. The symbols within the circle (ie dove, loaves and fish) operate on two levels. It is possible to decipher these symbols from a spiritual/scriptural tradition but also from a human perspective.

Christians are familiar with images of the dove as a representation of the Holy Spirit but also, in the story of Noah and the flood, as a symbol of hope and new life. There are several scriptural references to fish, since the apostles were fishermen who became “fishers of men”. The loaves are sybolic of the bread of life, the Eucharist. In another context the loaves read as rocks, suggesting strength and a solid foundation. The colour red might also be interpreted as the blood of Christ.

From a worldly viewpoint, the scene within the circle is a metaphor for a healthy planet, with an abundance of wildlife and prosperity.

John Berthold 4/06

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